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We at Nedsom know how important it is to be able to send money to friends and family abroad. Millions of people rely on the money sent to them by people like you. It is unfair to see companies making millions of dollars of these kind of necessities. That is what drove our founders to make a change. Unlike these companies, making profit is not one of our main goals. We aim for growth that contributes not only to the business, but also to the economic and social development of our communities.. We want you to experience our reliable and safe service to send money throughout the world at a competitive rate. Whether you are sending or receiving money through cash-to-cash transactions, or through a mobile device, our services will connect you with your family members, friends and loved ones.



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Cheapest Rates

See our live rates for the currency you need. We often provide the cheapest rates on the market in comparison to our competitors.


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Complete your registration by uploading the required ID and membership details. It’s a simple process that ensures the safety of your money and personal details.


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Make your transaction and the money will be transferred. If you require further assistance, our friendly support staff will be ready to help anytime.


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The money is ready to be collected within minutes. Safe and at competitive rates

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