What is iDIN?

iDIN is a new secure identification service jointly developed by Dutch banks. It allows you to easily identify via the secure online environment of your bank. This ensures that Nedsom Financial Services can immediately receive the necessary information that is known to your bank.

Do you see the iDIN logo as above on a website? This means you can easily and securely identify via iDIN.

How does iDIN work?

The identification via iDIN is done via the secure online environment of your bank. After you have created an account with us, you will be asked to verify your data via iDIN when performing your first transaction. You will be redirected to a secure login page of your bank. Here you can see what information we need from you (last name, address, date of birth, gender and contact details). Your bank will only pass this information on to us you’re your permission.
Your bank cannot see what you arrange with us. Conversely, we do not have access to your bank details, such as your balance and transaction details.

More information about iDIN

Do I first have to switch on iDIN in the online environment of my bank?

With some banks it may be necessary to first switch on iDIN in the internet banking environment of your bank. This does not apply to all banks.

For ABN AMRO you can activate iDIN via the link below:
ABN AMRO iDIN activation

For more information about the activation of iDIN, please contact your bank.

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